Oppo Find X7 Ultra Telephoto Camera Features

Oppo is getting ready for a thrilling start to the new year with the planned release of their Find X7 series on Monday, January 8. The Find X7 Ultra is the mainstay of the series and is grabbing headlines for being the first smartphones worldwide with two telephoto lenses. Oppo is starting to show off the capabilities of the Find X7 Ultra’s camera as the launch date nears.

Oppo Find X7 Ultra Camera

Oppo shared a variety of images of Find X7 Ultra’s telephoto cameras through Weibo, a popular Chinese social media platform. As demonstrated by the images, the background blur is impressive but still retains natural color tones and details.

The sample images were captured using the shortest of the two telephoto lenses, which have a focal length of 65mm. The second telephoto lens is capable of capturing 135mm of light and has a 6x optical zoom.

Oppo provided pictures taken with this second lens, and they are equally impressive. Despite the background blur, these close-up shots are still very clear and impressive.

Even though they were posted on Weibo, there may be a slight quality loss due to social media compression, but the subject still stands out from the background with great style. Oppo’s partnership with Hasselblad in terms of color science and processing could lead to an improved zoom range.

Apart from the two telephoto units, the Find X7 Ultra will be the first device to have an 1 inch Sony LYT-900 50MP camera as its main sensor. Completing the setup will require the use of a 50MP Sony LYT-600 ultrawide lens.

The Find X7 Ultra has a really good set of camera specifications, even though the full picture will only be revealed on January 8th.