Poco X6 Pro, Poco X6 5G and Poco M6 Pro official renders leaked design Colour option

As its sister brand, Redmi, prepares to unveil the Redmi Note 13 series in India in a few days, POCO is readying its rebranded counterparts with slightly different designs and specs. The POCO X6 and POCO M6 Pro 4G will feature new colors, and the POCO X6 Pro has powerful internals from a Chinese Redmi device. This is the initial examination of the official renderings of these devices.

POCO X6, POCO X6 Pro Official Renders

For quite some time now, there has been rumors about the POCO X6 and POCO X6 Pro. It seems that the POCO X6 has undergone a rebranding and is a redesigned version of the Redmi Note 13 Pro 5G. It has the option of coming in Black, Blue, and White color options, with up to 12GB RAM and 512GB storage. Although we don’t have any specific information about the specifications yet, it does have a 64MP main camera sensor.

POCO X6 official renders.jpg

The POCO X6 Pro is predicted to be a revamped version of the Redmi K70E, which was introduced in China last month. Up to 12GB RAM and a variant with 512GB storage will be available on this device. Black, Gray, and Yellow are the three color variants displayed above. The only thing that can be certain is the 64MP primary camera, which is akin to the Redmi K70E.

POCO M6 Pro 4G Official Renders

POCO X6 Pro Official Renders

POCO M6 Pro 4G is the latest device to be launched globally. We don’t anticipate this device reaching India, but rather selecting other global markets. Black, Blue, and Purple variants are among the color options available. Up to 512GB of ROM and 12GB of RAM will be available on the device. The Redmi Note 13 Pro 4G could be refurbished and have a 64MP primary camera that has been downgraded.

The launch of POCO X6 series in India through Flipkart has already been teased by POCO. The devices have the potential to be unveiled as soon as next month. This week, on January 4th in the country, Xiaomi will launch the Redmi Note 13 series. Official confirmation for global launches of these devices has not yet been given.