Samsung Galaxy S24 Leak Reveals AI Features ‘Generative Edit’ Tool

As we get closer to Samsung’s Galaxy S24 launch event, there are still tidbits about the new phones that are being shared. MysteryLupin, a Twitter user, has shared what appears to be marketing material that showcases key AI features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 series.

The Galaxy S24 series will have an AI feature called Live Translate. The description indicates that it translates phone calls in real-time, potentially removing language barriers during conversations.

Another intriguing tidbit is ‘Generative Edit’, which appears to be akin to Google’s Magic Editor tool. Just like Google’s offering, this feature enables you to remove unwanted objects or fill in empty spaces in your photos.

Like Magic Editor, it demands an internet connection and a Samsung account. Samsung’s use of the powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 processor, with its on-device AI capabilities, necessitates relying on the cloud for this feature.

Three additional features related to smartphones are also mentioned. Nightography Zoom is a tool that claims to improve low-light photos when zoomed in.

Taking pictures at the highest resolution supported by the phone’s primary camera is possible with High Resolution. Galaxy S24 will have 50MP, and S24 and S24 Ultra will have 200MP. The Screen Display feature emphasizes a brighter and flatter screen for enhanced viewing and interaction. There is no indication that these features will employ AI techniques to enhance the user experience.

The S24 series received high-resolution images from @MysteryLupin, but they were quickly taken down, possibly because of Samsung’s crackdown on leaks. It’s not a missed opportunity since we’ve already seen high-quality renders of the device.

According to previous leaks and a recent, briefly visible confirmation on Samsung’s website, the Galaxy S24 series will be launched on January 17.