Samsung Phone App Launched With PC Calls for Windows

Samsung’s Phone app for Windows PCs was recently introduced after the launch of the Galaxy Book 4 series laptops. Samsung is probably trying to replicate the cohesive ecosystem that was present in the Apple realm with this software, offering users seamless integration that is comparable to that of an iPhone and a Mac.

The major breakthrough here is the ability to manage Galaxy smartphones directly from Windows PCs. The Samsung Phone app eliminates the need to switch between devices to make calls, read messages, receive notifications, and transfer files with ease.

Instead of mirroring, the Samsung Phone app allows for direct access to a phone’s gallery, contacts, and Samsung Notes from the desktop. Samsung DeX mode allows users to turn their phone into a PC-like experience when hooked up to a monitor, which means seamless multitasking and collaboration across devices.

In summary, it appears that the app is currently restricted to Samsung laptops, specifically the Galaxy Book 4 series laptops that have recently been released in South Korea. Samsung smartphone users may find the new laptops more appealing with this new feature because it will provide the same ecosystem features as its number one competitor, Apple.

The app description states that the calling feature is the most intriguing, and it promises to never miss an important call again. Connect your Galaxy phone phone number and mobile plan to your PC to make and receive phone calls. This brings up many questions. The new Galaxy Book laptops have no eSim support, therefore the use of the same number and mobile plan for laptops by users remains unclear