Samsung Roll Out Security Patch for the Galaxy S22 Series in January 2024

Starting in January 2024, Samsung will begin releasing the latest firmware update for its Galaxy S22 series, which includes the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Galaxy S22 Ultra smartphones.

In the beginning, this update was only accessible in North American countries and is expected to reach other regions soon. Users can determine which model’s update is being used by looking for specific One UI build versions, such as S901EXXS7DWL8 for Galaxy S22, S906EXXS7DWL8 for Galaxy S22 Plus, and S908EXXS7DWL8 for Galaxy S22 Ultra.

What’s new in the January 2024 update?

The January 2024 security patch is what sets the January 2024 firmware update apart. There are 75 vulnerabilities in the Android OS that this patch addresses, including one critical vulnerability, 68 high-risk vulnerabilities, and multiple moderate-risk vulnerabilities.

Additionally, Samsung has addressed more than 80 security issues exclusive to Galaxy devices. The fixes include a vulnerability that allows users to see notifications from other users in multi-user settings (only on tablets). The My Files app’s security gaps have been addressed by the update, preventing attackers from creating files or pairing Bluetooth devices without user consent.

Samsung has made a decision to withhold certain vulnerability details in their January 2024 firmware update to prevent attackers from potentially exploiting them.

How can you verify if the update is available for you?

To access and install the update, go to the ‘Software Update’ section in the device settings. Due to an initial rollout, there may be variations in availability that could take hours or days to reach all Galaxy S22 smartphones. To enjoy improved security and functionality, users who received the update notification should install it promptly.

Samsung will be updating many other Galaxy devices, such as the Galaxy Z Flip, Z Fold series, and more, with the January 2024 security patch. If the update is available for your device, you can verify by checking the official Samsung website or your phone’s settings.