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OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger For OnePlus 12 and OnePlus 12R

The OnePlus made an announcement last night about the OnePlus 12 (review) and 12R smartphones, and also the Buds 3 TWS for worldwide markets. The brand made an announcement at the event about accessories for the newest smartphones. The OnePlus 12 has an AIRVOOC wireless charger that supports wireless charging, as well as various bumper cases. Continue reading to discover the specifics about the accessories and their availability.

OnePlus 12 and 12R bumper cases and accessories have been announced

The bumper cases for the flagship OnePlus 12 come in three different varieties, while the OnePlus 12R has two choices. Sandstone, Aramide Fiber, and Walnut Texture are among the options for the former.

Extra friction is provided by the sandstone texture of the case, which boasts a classic jet-black design that prevents accidental drops and slips. The Aramid Fiber’s design is similar to carbon fiber and features diagonal lines. The claim is that 11 different processes were used to refine it, resulting in durability and scratch resistance. In conclusion, the Walnut texture is an abrasion resistant bumper case that has a secure, slightly grainy feel in the hand, and looks like hardwood. By using a raised camera module, it is designed to provide maximum protection. According to reports, all three cases are lightweight and easy to hold in one’s hands. Rs 999 is the starting price for the Sandstone case, with Aramid Fiber and Walnut Texture cases costing Rs 1,299 and Rs 1,999 respectively.

The Sandstone Bumper case is available for the OnePlus 12R as well, just like for the OnePlus 12. Silver color is available for the Classic Texture case with a smooth woven finish. The price of both smartphone cases is Rs 799.

OnePlus has also introduced the AIRVOOC 50W wireless charger, which can be used in addition to smartphones, TWS earphones, and bumper cases. The Warp Charge 30 was the company’s first wireless charger that debuted in 2020, to remind you. The latest product has a design that is nearly identical to the previous model. It is possible for users to position their smartphone either horizontally or vertically. The device’s placement orientation and the built-in charging coil allow it to intelligently sense the wireless charging zone.

The maximum power output of the OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger can be reached at 50W. It is claimed that it can top up 50% within 23 minutes and 100% within 55 minutes. Six security measures are present in the device to protect against power fluctuations. Without removing the case, users can charge their smartphone. Improved heat dissipation and keeping the phone cool are achieved through the charging accessory’s proprietary air cooling technology.

Qi-certified devices can also use the OnePlus AIRVOOC 50W Wireless Charger. The brand’s website is where you can purchase it for Rs 5,499.