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RV400 BRZ electric bike from Revolt Motors sets a new standard in India

India’s electric vehicle (EV) sector is increasingly associated with Revolt Motors due to its innovation. The company has made an ambitious move to democratize electric mobility. The RV400 BRZ, an electric motorcycle introduced by the company, is an attractive option for a wider segment of Indian consumers due to its affordability and performance.

The bike can reach a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour

Revolt Motors’ electric motorcycle lineup offers the RV400 BRZ, which is the most budget-friendly option at around $1,662. This move shows the company’s determination to make sustainable transportation more accessible to more individuals. Quality and performance are not compromised by the RV400 BRZ’s price. The technical underpinnings are the same as those in the high-end models, with a 3.24-kilowatt-hour battery and a 5-kilowatt motor. By balancing efficiency with the excitement of riding, this setup provides a top speed of 85 kilometers per hour and a range that varies from 80 to 150 kilometers depending on the rider’s mode.

By simplifying its feature set, the RV400 BRZ aims to have an affordable price point. Although it departs from advanced technology such as smartphone compatibility and keyless ignition, it maintains essential safety features such as regenerative braking, a combined braking system, and a sidestand motor cutoff. The rider is constantly updated about the bike’s speed, battery status, and selected ride mode thanks to the fully digital instrument cluster. Charging the RV400 BRZ is a quick process, and a full charge can be accomplished in 4.5 hours.

The RV400 BRZ’s aesthetics are consistent with the sporty, naked bike design that is a trademark of the Revolt brand. There is a style to fit every rider’s preference thanks to its availability in five vibrant colors.

Revolt Motors’ new model isn’t just another new vehicle; it’s a step forward in sustainable urban mobility in India. Revolt Motors is not just selling a product; they are also contributing towards a cleaner and greener future on India’s roads by making electric motorcycles more accessible.